This is an outdated documentation please read the new Monofony documentation instead.

How to create your own statistics

The mechanism behind the displaying of statistics relies on tagged services which are supported since Symfony 4.3

Create your own statistic

Add a new class to /src/Dashboard/Statistic and make sure it implement the App\Dashboard\Statistics\StatisticInterface. This way it will be automatically tagged with app.dashboard_statistic which is used to fetch all existing statistics.

It also enforces you to implement a function called generate() which need to return a string.


The response of the generate function will be displayed as is in the dashboard. Which means you can return anything, as long as it is a string. Eg. in the CustomerStatistic it is an HTML block which shows you the amount of registered customers.

Order your statistics

Since Symfony 4.4 it is possible to sort your services with a static function called getDefaultPriority. Here you need to return an integer to set the weight of the service. Statistics with a higher priority will be displayed first. This is why we chose to work with negative values. (-1 for the first element, -2 for the second,…). But feel free to use your own sequence when adding more statistics.

public static function getDefaultPriority(): int
    return -1;


If you change the priority it is necessary to clear your cache. Otherwise you won’t see the difference.

Add custom logic to your statistic

Because all statistics are services it’s perfectly possible to do anything with them as long as the generate function returns a string. So you can inject any service you want trough Dependency Injection to build your statistic.