This is an outdated documentation please read the new Monofony documentation instead.

Customer and AppUser

For handling customers of your system AppUser is using a combination of two entities - Customer and AppUser. The difference between these two entities is simple: the Customer is a guest on your application and the AppUser is a user registered in the system - they have an account.


The Customer entity was created to collect data about non-registered guests of the system - ones that has been buying without having an account or that have somehow provided us their e-mail.

How to create a Customer programmatically?

As usually, use a factory. The only required field for the Customer entity is email, provide it before adding it to the repository.

/** @var CustomerInterface $customer */
$customer = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.customer')->createNew();



The Customer entity can of course hold other information besides an email, it can be for instance billingAddress and shippingAddress, firstName, lastName or birthday.


The relation between the Customer and AppUser is bidirectional. Both entities hold a reference to each other.


AppUser entity is designed for customers that have registered in the system - they have an account with both e-mail and password. They can visit and modify their account.

While creating new account the existence of the provided email in the system is checked - if the email was present - it will already have a Customer therefore the existing one will be assigned to the newly created AppUser, if not - a new Customer will be created together with the AppUser.

How to create an AppUser programmatically?

Assuming that you have a Customer (either retrieved from the repository or a newly created one) - use a factory to create a new AppUser, assign the existing Customer and a password via the setPlainPassword() method.

/** @var ShopUserInterface $user */
$user = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.app_user')->createNew();

// Now let's find a Customer by their e-mail:
/** @var CustomerInterface $customer */
$customer = $this->container->get('sylius.repository.customer')->findOneBy(['email' => 'customer@test.com']);

// and assign it to the ShopUser


Changing the AppUser password

The already set password of an AppUser can be easily changed via the setPlainPassword() method.

$user->getPassword(); // returns encrypted password - 'pswd'

// the password will now be 'resu1' and will become encrypted while saving the user in the database